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Bishop Wayne Rudd


The Leader of RGWM

Bishop Wayne Rudd

Senior Pastor

Pastor Wayne O. Rudd, the youngest of 4 children, was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware to parents, Apostle Marian L. Rudd and the late Olvin V. Rudd. At a very early age Pastor Wayne had a great interest in music. He purchased albums with his allowances and would lie on the floor for hours studying the parts that the choir was singing. At the age of 12, he was appointed youth choir director at New Pentecostal United Holy Church of America under the leadership of Dr. Louvenia Dickerson, where he served for nearly 20 years. The choir traveled extensively up and down the East Coast singing and ministering at various churches and functions. At the age of 14, he received a full scholarship from Jacqueline Falcon to the Wilmington Music School where he studied piano and voice.

Pastor Rudd later became the head choir director of the adult choir at New Pentecostal (the Gospel Chorus) until the Lord lead his mother out to birth Bibleway United Holy Church of America Inc. (currently Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries). Pastor Rudd played numerous roles in Redeeming Grace, including but not limited to: Sunday school teacher and choir director. Not only was he active in Redeeming Grace, he found time to branch out, which would later prove beneficial for the use of Divine connections to enhance Redeeming Grace. He was the head choir director for the Bread of Life Family Worship Center, where Bishop Craig Anthony Butler is the founder and Pastor. He also worked as minister of music for other area churches including New Destiny Fellowship under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Wesley Weeks Sr. and Spirit of Life Lutheran church under the leadership of Rev. Jerome Pettit.

Despite his passion and expertise for music, Pastor Wayne's ministry had to transcend it according to the will of God. This was a difficult transition, however, he was adequately equipped with compassion, love, transparency and understanding to evolve his passion into God's passion, His children's souls. In 1989, under the leadership of Apostle Marian Rudd, Pastor Rudd was ordained Deacon and in 1994 accepted the call to preach the Word of the Lord. He delivered his initial sermon in October 1996, entitled "Take off the Mask". That evening many souls were delivered and set free. Since then, the Lord has opened many doors taking him throughout the United States conducting workshops and proclaiming the Word of the Lord. In May of 2006, Pastor Rudd was called to serve as Youth Pastor of Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries and on Sept. 22, 2007, he was installed into this position as an Elder and Youth Pastor. After several years of successful evangelism, labor, and consideration by his Bishop and GOD, Elder Wayne Rudd was elevated to Assistant Pastor of Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries, Inc in 2009. Six trying but successful years later, his story continues to beautifully evolve; Pastor Wayne Rudd has become Bishop Wayne Rudd of Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries since November 14, 2015 and now serves as Senior Pastor.

Bishop Rudd is a graduate of the Jamison Bible Institute with aspirations to complete his Master's degree in pursuit of his Doctorate degree.

He is the devoted husband of Lady Debbie Rudd and the father of one child Cameron Wayne Rudd. He loves people and is loved by many. He is known as the "real preacher". His motto is "real recognizes real". He doesn't believe in covering up sin, but exposing sin and striving for deliverance.