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Church History

History of RGWM

March 6, 2018 marks 30 Years of Ministry!

Our Foundation

In the year 1986, the Lord began dealing with Elder Marian Rudd regarding the role of Pastor. Being a very humble woman of God, she did not want to assume such a great responsibility. She travailed before the Lord for two years seeking divine guidance and wisdom to begin this work. It was on Friday, February 5, 1988 at 6:25 p.m. that the first meeting was called and Bibleway United Holy Church was organized. The first service would be held on Sunday March 6, 1988 at the Ryland’s Funeral Home Chapel, 9 West 30th Street in Wilmington, DE. On that Sunday, communion was served and the Lord greatly moved in the service.

Moving Up

During the early stages of the ministry, the Lord blessed and added to the church. As a result of this, many additional appointments were made and auxiliaries were formed. On January 15, 1989, the late District Elder George Cuthbertson conducted ordination services and installed Pastor Rudd, the executive committee, and the auxiliary leaders. As the ministry grew, the funeral home chapel could no longer house our congregation. In September 1990, the Lord blessed Bibleway with a larger edifice at 1604 ½ Howland Street, Wilmington, DE.

The church was involved in various outreach ministries/programs such as: feeding the homeless, drug outreach and rehabilitation, street services, ministering in song at Ferris School for Boys, and many other community affairs. The Pastor, choir and congregation had ministered to many throughout the tri-state area including Virginia and North Carolina.

A Growing Church

The church had grown tremendously – physically and spiritually. The membership had increased from seven (7) to roughly two hundred and twenty five (225) members. Bibleway became one of the fastest growing ministries in the United Holy Church of America.

In February of 1992, under the leading of the Almighty God, Bibleway United Holy Church, Inc. became independently known as Bibleway Holy Church Inc. 

In August of 1995, Pastor Rudd was elevated by the Holy Spirit to be consecrated to the office of Bishop. It was shortly after; the Lord began to shift the ministry in a new direction. In May 1996, the name of the ministry was changed from Bibleway United Holy Church to Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries, Inc. During this transitional period, the Lord began to build up and pull down as he directed His people through a “wilderness experience” to a new place, with a dependency solely on Him. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19.

Lovett Avenue

In 2000, the Lord blessed our ministry once again with His unfailing favor. When many other churches had cash in hand, God granted us a new edifice on 129 Lovett Avenue in Newark, DE. On December, 21, 2000, the ministry marched into their new church home.  

In 2006, the Lord began preparing the ministry for the next transition. Pastor Wayne Rudd was called to serve as Youth Pastor. Then, in 2009, called to serve as Assistant Pastor. On November 14, 2015, Bishop Marian Rudd was appointed Apostle, Assistant Pastor Wayne Rudd was appointed as Bishop, and the torch was passed from mother to son.

Some have come and some have gone but the most important ONE has not left us, The Lord Jesus Christ! There have been many ministries birthed under and out of Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries and there are many more to come. After moving six times from the start of Bibleway Holy United Church, on the seventh move, representing God's number of completion, Redeeming Grace has now entered into its promised land and we believe the Word of God as it has been prophesied that a GREATER GLORY will rest in this, the House of God.

"The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, says the Lord Almighty and in this place will I give peace says the Lord of Host." Haggai 2:9.